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Max Feinstein, Musician/Songwriter

"I worked with Aaron as a songwriter for a handful of coaching sessions. 


He is generous with his time and knowledge, supportive of many perspectives, and has a way of leading you to reach your own determinations rather than spoon-feeding you or condescending.


Recommended for anyone in a rut"


Ronnie Faris,

Student, NJ

“My time working with Aaron was vital to my development on the guitar.


I’ve worked with close to a dozen different guitar teachers from various platforms and groups, but Aaron stands out above them.


Aaron’s talent for the instrument and for teaching was crystal clear since the first day I met him.


Starting as a beginner, to an intermediate player, to a more advanced player, Aaron was pushing me to be better and was able to provide lessons that were catered to my abilities and to what specific techniques and areas of music I wanted to explore.


From learning classic rock songs to creating jazz chord melodies, Aaron was able to show the way”


Noah DiAmbrosi, Artist/Songwriter, CA

“I started guitar lessons with Aaron around 2011, when I was just beginning my music career.


He helped me tackle challenging songs from a young age and didn’t discourage me from my overly-ambitious goals. Instead, he helped me work toward them.


When I wanted to play the guitar solo in “Death Alley Driver” by Rainbow, I attempted to learn the entire part by ear and felt extremely overwhelmed. However, in my next lesson, Aaron helped me break down the song and focus on practicing the techniques I needed to master it.


Once I approached the part with alternate picking, a technique where you alternate between up and down strokes, the solo sounded cleaner and was much easier to play. With Aaron’s help, I was able to play the solo in time for one of my first live performances.


He didn’t only help me learn complicated pieces of music, but also gave me the tools I needed to begin teaching them to myself.


Our lessons broadened my perspective and exposed me to various techniques and genres. Being multi-talented, Aaron always offered to help me with singing and or bass and always made me feel comfortable and supported.


Our learning environment was one where I found creative inspiration for my own projects.


He helped me find new ways to write guitar and vocal parts and was always someone I could bounce ideas off of.


With support from Aaron and my other teachers, I was able to gain the confidence to write, record, and perform my own music. I am so grateful to him for all that he has taught me over the years and for continuing to be supportive of my musical endeavors. “



“As a fellow music teacher that has worked with Aaron for almost 10 years, I have seen firsthand what ingredients make a teacher great.


Aaron has ALL the right ingredients for music educational excellence.


Experience, passion, innovation and a drive to be better everyday.


Anyone can have knowledge and training of the core fundamentals of music but making meaningful connections with students is how students best learn.


Aaron has both skill sets in his toolkit and I highly recommend him for students of all ages. Engaging and effective!”


“I’ve always loved performing and singing growing up, but it was never something I took seriously—until I met Aaron.


Not only did he teach me vocal techniques and skills, but he believed in me and helped me realize that music could be more than a hobby.


Aaron was always patient and 

encouraging and without him, I wouldn’t have had the guts to even consider music as a major but now that’s what I plan to do this fall.


He genuinely cares about all of his students. It is obvious that music is something he’s passionate about and his enthusiasm is contagious!


I strongly recommend Aaron to anyone looking to improve as a musician.”


Lucy Liu, 


(Not the actress) 

John E Brigante,

Music Teacher, NJ

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