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Recording Hacks - How To Fit A Shure SM7B Into An Isovox 2

Good day to you dear reader.

I hope all is good with you on this fine day or whenever you happen to be reading this. It's late September as I write this and I must say that I am quite stoked that autumn is around the corner. If this season could last 75% of the year here on the East coast, I would be quite happy. But I digress...

Over the last couple weeks I've packed up and relocated to a new location. All the while, putting finishing touches on a new course that will revolve around recording vocals at home so things have been quite busy indeed.

In the meantime however, I wanted to share something directly related to said course while I get back work on the next series of videos. In this one, I walk you through a simple workaround in fitting a dynamic microphone into a device called the Isovox 2.

If you're unfamiliar, the isovox is a portable vocal isolation booth designed to make sure you're not "disturbing the neighbors" while recording or practicing vocals. It's been a companion of mine for a few years now and is what I've been using for any vocal related work. The problem is that it's tailored mostly for condenser microphones which are vertical in design. Because I'm primarily a Metal/Rock dude, I tend to opt in for dynamic microphones due to the fact that they can take higher sound pressure levels. The problem with THAT is that most if not all dynamic microphones are horizontal in design.

For example, here's the majestic Neumann TLM 102. Looks like an award of some sort but no! It's a condenser microphone! As you can see, the design is vertical in nature.

And here we have the mighty Shure Sm7b which is a dynamic microphone and is a standard for most hard rock and heavy metal vocalists.

Anyway, long story short, I figured out a simple workaround to get this beast inside the Isovox so if you're in the market for one of these but want to be able to use a dynamic mic inside, check out the video below.

Hope this is helpful. If so, leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading.


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